Wednesday, August 1, 2012

py Family Restaurant

                                                 Chinese Restaurant, Pittsburgh, PA. 2012

Pittsburgh Back Alley

                                            Alleyway off "The Strip" Pittsburgh, PA. 2012

Pittsburgh Artisan Market

                                          Empty market (used on weekends) off "The Strip"
                                                             Pittsburgh, PA.   2012

Pittsburgh Steel & Wood

                                          Taken at marina in Pittsburgh, PA., summer 2012

Lucy's Market

                                                  Clothing Store on "The Strip" Pittsburgh

In The Machinery

                                               Loading dock off "The Strip" in Pittsburgh

Deluca's Restaurant HDR

                                                   Back alley to Deluca's in Pittsburgh, PA.
                                               (first attempt at a HDR stereo & I like it a lot!)

Clouds & Chandeliers

                                                   Window of Museum, Pittsburgh, PA


                                             Renniger's Flea Market    Mount Dora, FL